“Our integrity is not threatened by movement but by the fear that prevents movement.”

Denis Burke Sensei

Isshinkai Summer School 2012, UK

Isshinkai Summer School 2012, UK


Aikido is a subtle and sophisticated Art-form, a discipline of thought and movement, with a reputation for extraordinary results.  Many regard it to be one of the most difficult among Martial Arts to penetrate or progress in.  We don’t. Good teaching methods give rapid results.  We do however rejoice in the fact that one can continue progressing in Aikido throughout one’s lifetime.  There are no known limits, and no age at which one is “too old!”  Our approach makes it accessible and enjoyable for all, young and old alike.


Forms  Being taught precise and correct formal Aikido movements is like being given an encyclopaedia; you may put it away once you’ve got it, but you can always go back to it and look something up.   In the meantime, learning them kicks off the process of Aikido training, gives you something to get to grips with, and a sense of achievement.  Our Forms contain all the core principles of Aikido and guarantee a solid grounding.  Our teaching methods ensure that you learn them thoroughly, practically, and with enjoyment.  Learning Aikido isn’t just about learning forms though.  You’ll spend part of your time with the spontaneity of Aikido, and just plain having fun with it!

Syllabus  Linked to attendance, our syllabus gives a clear path to progress at a rate that suits each student.  Each level has clear learning objectives so that each student can learn exactly what he or she is working towards.

Achievement brings confidence and confidence feeds achievement.




How to start

Come along to a class and give it a try!  Plan to arrive about 20 minutes before the class starts; to register and get changed.  Even when we don’t have Aikido kit we change clothes before and after training.  All you need to bring is some clean, loose clothing to change into for the session and some slippers or flip-flops to wear to the edge of the mat.  We like to keep it clean for our own comfort and safety!  For clothing, long sleeves and trouser legs are preferable, without buckles or zips, or if you have a judo kit or Gi, bring that.  If you’ve practiced Aikido before and you still have it, bring your full kit, we will recognise whatever grade you held in the style you practiced before, however long ago.

 If you are worried about it being an intimidating experience, don’t.  We’ll make you feel welcome and you’ll find the people friendly and easy to meet.   We’ll look after you!

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