Isshinkai Association



We are an Independent Association of Clubs and Members practising Aikido and Aiki related practices with the guidance of Denis Burke Sensei, our founder.

Our Association is run by its members, with the intent of supporting each other, our Teaching Members, and our Clubs, fostering the positive connections that exist between us.  We regard honesty, generosity, respect and gratitude to be the cornerstones, not only of quality in our practice, but also of a positive future together.

Because of this we work to express these values in all aspects of our Association.  Our approach to Aikido is as a transformational practice of manifested philosophy in which we measure our performance against the quality of outcomes.  We believe that our organisation should be no less a manifestation of a win-win-win philosophy.  We therefore consider in all matters the interests of at least seven generations: three past, one present and three future, and we make decisions on the basis that all should benefit in terms of wellbeing.  In service of this, we make a distinction between conflict and confrontation, recognising that confronting issues honestly when they arise, rather than people, enables us to achieve co-creative growth (Aiki) rather than conflict.  To us, this is the practice of applied Aikido, illustrated by any Aikido movement when performed as an exercise of Aiki rather than of Power.

In short, Isshinkai is committed to valuing each other and the depth of teaching we have available to us.


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