Why train at Isshinkai?

Potential.  If you think Aikido might be for you, and you’d like the opportunity to get to the heart of it, Isshinkai will give you clarity, firm foundations to build on, and the opportunity to progress without limits.  At Isshinkai you won’t be limited by the quality of instruction, and, with Aikido, quality translates into real positive effects in your life, if you choose to let it.  Possibly the most important choice you will make regarding where you practice Aikido, is to choose quality.

Dojo.  We feel it is important to use facilities where the atmosphere is right for Aikido.  We endeavour to run classes in pleasant,positive and secure environments.


What can you expect to get out of it?

 Here’s what some people have said.

“It gives me confidence.  I just feel better in myself.”

“I feel energised afterwards and it lasts for several days.  If I have to miss a session, I really notice the difference.”

“My family is happier, the balance in my life is better, life is better.”

“It has made a lot of difference to the results I get at work.  I’ve been head-hunted three times since I started.”

“I started after experiencing the concept at a corporate event.  It has changed the way I run my business.  We’ve just had the best year yet!”

“This is our gift to ourselves that we use in other contexts.”

“I’m amazed at how quickly it sunk in.  Someone tried to steal my camera from me yesterday. It seemed like I just turned and he went sprawling.  I walked off and he ran away!”

“My son went from being bullied at primary school to being popular at secondary school.  He’s more confident, doing better at sports and getting better school results!”

“My wife and I both train, and if there’s ever any disagreement between us before a session, it has evaporated by the end of it.”

“You can accomplish more with being than doing. It is practical to what people do day to day”

“I never saw myself as the type of person who would do a martial art, but this is fascinating and there’s so much more to it than that.”

“Positive messages click on a body level”

“I wish I’d known about this when I was younger!”

“I play Squash as well, and I’ve started winning more often and more easily.”

“Sometimes I have to give presentations to fairly large groups of people. I used to get really nervous beforehand.  Now I just feel a little edgy, which I think is a good thing, and I seem to connect with my audience a lot better. I’m much more comfortable with it.”

“Mostly, I come away from a session thinking, what a lovely bunch of people!”

“I’ve started to find it a lot easier to accept people for what and who they are.  It’s a lot more relaxing than how I used to be.”

“I was nervous about starting because of my back, it used to be a bit weak and often painful.  I didn’t think I was fit enough to do something like this but I didn’t want to accept a restricted life.  The Instructors were really good about it and helped me ease myself in gently.”

“I worried a lot.  I thought it was just the way I am.  I’ve changed and people are beginning to notice.”

“The first time I went I was nervous about not knowing anyone.  By the end of the session I felt I was amongst friends.”

“I’ve got teenage children and there were a few clashes at home.  Maybe it was just a stage they were going through but we seem to get on a lot better now.”

“My friend has been doing it for years.  Why didn’t she get me to try it sooner? Its brilliant!”

“I never realised it before, I was afraid of things like getting hurt, failing, or not being liked.  I think it made me a bit aggressive. Training freed me.”

“People seem to take more notice of what I say.”

“Whatever the problem, I seem to have more ideas about how  to solve it.  Things don’t get me down so much.”

“Aikido is cool!”

“Its great to feel part of something and on a path of development.”

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