A Path of Abundant Peace

“To defeat violence itself, in all it’s forms, we must first defeat it within ourselves.  To achieve that, we need an effective alternative to replace it with, i.e. something that works better.  And we need a path of training and practice to embody it: to make it available to us in the instant, i.e. that moment before thought, in which, sensing threat, our instincts assert themselves.  Isshinkai Aikido  offers all these things.”

If you like people,
You’ll love Isshinkai Aikido



Aikido, which translates to “Route to Love” in Japanese, is about learning to find one’s way through Life’s challenges and attacks, be they physical or mental, with a Positive and Balanced Mindset. O-Sensei, the founder, wanted to create, out of his expert knowledge of a variety of traditional Martial Arts, the Art of Peace.

Denis Burke Sensei, a 7th Dan, is our founder and provides guidance to the Isshinkai Association clubs.  Aikido Isshinkai Praha’s teacher is Sebastien Martineau Sensei (2nd Dan) who has been practicing for 9 years and founded the club in 2011.

Aikido is suitable for everyone, regardless of age or size, as it works on mind-body coordination and being one with your partner as opposed to conflict. With each session, you will progressively feel more balanced, agile, energized and able to connect joyfully with the people around you. Aikido is also great for improving fitness.

Video introducing our approach to Aikido, Portsmouth Isshinkai


Lessons are 7.00pm – 8.30pm on Tuesdays (Come 15 minutes early) at Sokol Bubeneč, Korunovační 29, Praha 7. Children’s class will be on Fridays 16.30 to 17.30.

Initially you just need a fresh set of clean loose clothing and slippers to help keep the mat clean

It is a unique experience, where we are presently fortunate to be taught by a lineage that is so close to the Founder’s Intentions for creating the “Art of Peace”. Come and try it, and bring a friend.

Classes are in English.

How much is it?

The membership fee is 600 czk per month. Association membership is an annual fee of 800czk.

Payment is to 451378002/5500

600 czk monthly – before 10th of month – please set up a direct debit.

Pricing is based on current 1 class per week and may change when classes are added.


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